What We Do

Medicinal Chemistry

The complex journey of drug discovery requires organic molecules. 

We utilize our chemistry skills starting from lead generation and lead optimization up to pre-clinical candidates. Our services include synthesizing scaffolds, intermediates, building blocks, and focused arrays. Additionally, we provide support by preparting reference standards, metabolites and impurities.  

Process Chemistry

Process chemistry plays a vital role in any drug development work. At BindusChem, we focus on route scouting, chemical development, and process optimization. Clinical candidates need a viable robust route and high purity, free from toxic metals and solvents. An optimized route will save time and money during the validation process.


We provide biweekly reports, development reports, and final reports. We are available to confer with clients at any point during the process of the projects. Our proactive approach and persistent work with customers on bottlenecks will ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Why BindusChem?

We are:                                                                                                     

  • Cost effective and deliver timely
  • Highly flexible and regard customer satisfaction as our primary goal
  • Secure and guarantee confidentiality of customers' IP
  • Reliable and trustworthy